Our Green Label Personal Chauffeur Service

Powered by Bayshore Limo, our Green Label Personal Chauffeur Service is part of our commitment in providing the utmost professional service to our clients' transportation needs.  Green Label is a great way for busy families, individuals, and those who aren't fans of driving to sit back and relax and allow us to do the driving for you in your own car. 

What is Green Label?

Green Label offers our clients an opportunity to use one of our professional chauffeurs for their own personal use in driving their vehicles on their behalf.  It's like having a personal driver take you around in your own vehicle.  

How does Green Label work?

It's very simple.  You book one of our chauffeurs and they drive your vehicle to any place you want to go.   

How can I use Green Label?

Need a ride to the airport or cruise terminal but you don't want to take a taxi or park your car at the airport?  Our Green Label chauffeur will take you and your family in your own car to the airport and when you get back, just give us call and we'll pick you up from the airport too.   

Want to take a night out on the town?  Just give us a call and we'll set you up with one of our professional chauffeurs to take you and your party wherever you want to go.  At the end of the night, you can take it easy knowing that you'll get home safely, with your own car.  

Green Label is great when you have guests visiting from out of town and you're busy at home.  Send your car with a professional chauffeur to pick up your guests from the airport, cruise terminal, hotel, or any other location.  

How much does Green Label cost? 

Green Label professional chauffeur service is $30.00 per hour for round trip service.  For example, say you need a ride to the airport and need a pick up a week later, then that is considered a round trip.  Want to spend some time in the evening with your friends?  We'll pick you up at your house, use your car and drive you to your destination.  At the end of the trip, we'll take you back to your house.  This would be considered a round trip.  

What about insurance?

Green Label utilizes the occasional driver portion of your automobile policy.  It's like having a friend drive your car around for you.  

This is awesome, how do I book?

Simple.  Just give us a call at 813.455.1750 or send us an email at info@bayshorelimo.com and we'll pre-arrange everything for you so that you'll have a professional, courteous Green Label chauffeur ready for you at your door.   


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