Dear Lincoln Motor Company: Please. Make. This. Car.

We will be honest.  Lincoln Motor Company makes some ugly cars right now and seriously needs to up their game when it comes to design.  Have you seen the MKT?  It looks like a hearse.  And that's before you make it into a stretch limousine.  

So when we caught a glimpse of the Lincoln Continental Concept a few month ago, we were floored!  Just look at how beautiful it is.  

Yes, it is only a concept and it may not even make it to production.  But, judging from the response it got on the internet and in automobile magazines, there is no question whether Lincoln should produce this car.  

Sure, it has some similarities to the Bentley Continental, but who cares (well, Bentley apparently does). Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Bottom line, Lincoln Motor Company needs to build this car.  Especially if it doesn't want to fall behind the Germans and Koreans when it comes to large car market.  We just hope they decide to slap on some suicide doors and pay homage to the original Lincoln Continental.  Yea, you know which one we're talking about.  

So, come on Lincoln, do America a favor and build this damn car.

The New Mercedes-Maybach Pullman S600 is the Limo of Choice (for drug dealers, dictators, and music moguls)

Mercedes-Benz introduced their ultra-luxurious Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman (read, stretch S600 limousine) at the 2015 Geneva Auto Show.  It may look like an "ordinary" Mercedes-Benz S600, but when you look inside, that is where the magic happens.  Just like the previous (and no longer in existence) Maybach line, the interior, exterior, wood, leather, seats, et al. are fully customizable according to the client's needs and wants.  For more information, check it out here.

Here is our take:  it is a gorgeous vehicle and we want two!  But, and there is a BIG but, it costs about the same as a really nice South Tampa i.e. a lot!  It's so expensive that it might blow our operating budget out of the water.  But hey, somebody out there is going to buy one and we'll be green with envy.  What do you think?  Would you mortgage your house for a car like this?

3 Fantastic Tampa Bay Area Must-See Museums

Ready to explore all that the Tampa Bay area has to offer? The Tampa Bay area is home to beautiful scenery, but did you know it’s also the home of several world-class museums?  In 2012, American Style Magazine named St. Petersburg and Tampa in its top 25 cities for art

The Bay area's museums are sure to delight visitors of all ages, and whether you’re looking to take an educational trip with kids or simply learn about different aspects of history, art, or culture, you’re sure to find something to enjoy at any Tampa Bay area museum.

Here are three must-see Tampa Bay area museums you can enjoy:

MOSI:  Museum of Science & Industry

Located near the University of South Florida, the Museum of Science & Industry or as locals call it, MOSI, is great place for both adults and children.  MOSI has more than 400,000 square feet of fun for all ages.  Interactive exhibits like The Amazing You, MISSION:  Moonbase, Bioworks Butterfly Garden, The Sanders Planetarium, and the IMAX Dome Theater, will keep you busy amazed throughout your visit.  Did you know that your ears and nose keep growing throughout your life?  

The Dali Museum

Located right on the water in downtown St. Petersburg, the Dali Museum provides patrons of the arts a unique perspective on some of Salvador Dali's best works.  It houses a permanent collection of over 1,500 paintings, drawings, and sculptures from the eccentric Spanish artist.  On November 8, 2014, a new exhibit "The Picasso/Dali, Dali/Picasso" promises to be "an international blockbuster for both museums as it will feature rarely loaned works from more than 25 international art museums and private collections worldwide pairing works of these leading artists of our era."  A must-see museum for art lovers and tourists alike, the Dali Museum is especially fantastic while touring the downtown St. Petersburg area in one of our luxurious limousines with Bayshore Limo.

Tampa Bay Automotive Museum 

Ok, we are a little biased because cars are kind of our thing.  That being said, the Tampa Bay Automotive Museum is a phenomenal collection one-offs and prototypes from Citroen, Mercedes-Benz, Maserati, and Jaguar just to name a few.  It's a great trip for the automobile enthusiast.  Heck, we may join you while you're there.  

There are many other must-see museums in the Tampa Bay area and if you're from out of town or a local, it's great way to see another side of the Bay area's arts & culture scene.  A great way to scope out the area is to book a limousine with us and we'll do the driving.  

Best Way to Get to the Airport - A Bayshore Limo Case Study

As you may have already learned, we at Bayshore Limo recently launched our brand spanking new GreenLabel personal chauffeur service.  Thus far, it has been a fantastic option for busy professionals, families, or anyone who doesn't want to deal with the hassle of driving.  

Our GreenLabel is service is also a great alternative for getting to and from Tampa International or any of our local airports.  Think about the costs associated a four day trip in and out of TIA.  Let's do a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada as an example:

A Non-GreenLabel Experience

Friday:  Fly out TIA at 9:00 a.m..  You have to not only fight traffic in the morning, but find yourself a spot in the parking lot.  Now you're wondering if you gave yourself enough time to get to the gate.  Just remember, the average cost of parking your car is anywhere from $10-15 per 24 hours.  Let's say you parked in the long-term parking lot:  $16.00 for parking per day.  You still have to hustle to the gate to catch your flight to Las Vegas.  You don't want to miss this trip.

Saturday:  Your car sits in the lot, vulnerable, lonely, maybe even scared...okay, probably not, but you can never be too sure.  But you are paying for it stay there.  $16.00 for parking.  Hopefully you're having a blast gambling most of your money at a table at Caesar's Palace or the Bellagio in Vegas.  

Sunday:  Your car is still lonely...meanwhile you're still losing money, but that's okay, because it's Vegas, baby!

Monday:  Your flight is delayed and you don't get in until late Monday evening.  Plus, you are seriously jet lagged and looking forward to some semblance of sleep, after all, you were in Las Vegas.  Now you have figure out where you parked, lug yourself and your bags to a dark, sometimes poorly lit, parking lot and drive home.  $16.00 for parking.  $5.00 for a coffee or Red Bull to wake yourself up.

At the end of your awesome trip to Las Vegas, you've spent at least $64.00 in keeping your car in a concrete cave, not to mention all of your 401K given to the casinos.  Next time, take a GreenLabel chauffeur and your experience will go something like this:

A GreenLabel Experience

Friday:  GreenLabel chauffeur shows up on time at your doorstep.  You give him the keys to your car and he drives you to the airport and drops you off at the departures terminal.  No fighting for a spot in the parking lot or road-raging through Tampa Bay traffic.  The GreenLabel chauffeur then takes your car back to your house and places it in a safe environment, namely your garage.  Cost: $30.00.

Saturday:  You are making a killing on the blackjack table, like Rain Man (or Alan from the Hangover pretending to be Rain Man) killing it.  Meanwhile, your car is happy in its cozy home.  Cost:  $0.00.

Sunday:  Because you made a bunch of money at blackjack, you've decided to rent the entire pool at the Palms.  Your car is sound asleep in your garage.  Cost:  $0.00. 

Monday:  Your winnings have catapulted you to "baller" status and you've upgraded your seat to first-class.  As you arrive at TIA, your GreenLabel chauffeur carefully monitored your flight status and picks you up in your own car in a timely manner.  Heck, you even take a nap on the way home.  Cost:  $30.00.

So, you tell us, what sounds better?  Obviously can't guarantee that you'll win in Vegas, but a sure bet for a hassle free way to get to the airport is with Bayshore Limo's GreenLabel chauffeur service.  Call or email us to book your next adventure.


The Power Lunch is Back (It Never Really Left)

We hear it from doctors, nutritionists, and other experts that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  However, in the business world, undoubtedly, the most important meal of the day is lunch.  Lunch is great way to get away from the office grind and enjoy some time not thinking about work.  It's also an excellent avenue for fostering office camaraderie, meeting new people, and even closing a deal.   The Tampa Bay area is full of restaurants and eateries that cater to busy professionals and provide delicious meals for not only you and your business colleagues, but especially if you have out of town business guests.  

First impressions are everything.  When you are trying to develop a business relationship that will help your company and your personal career to grow, it is absolutely essential that you make a good impression.  Hosting a corporate luncheon at one of the Tampa Bay area's many high-rated restaurants is the perfect way to impress. 

Most business travelers have very little leisure time, so a great way to give them an opportunity to sample some the Tampa Bay area's established eateries is to take them out to one of the following local restaurants.  Before planning a business lunch with out of town associates, make sure to reserve a lunch table at one of our favorite local restaurants.  Making a reservation at a restaurant is the perfect way to give your visiting associates a taste of Tampa Bay while not taking time away from their busy work schedule.

Malio's Prime Steakhouse - located in the in the heart of downtown, this Tampa establishment boasts fantastic steaks (even at lunch hour), soups, salads coupled with great service.  Take a peek at their lunch menu.  $20 for a filet?!  Let's order two!  

Anise Global Gastro Bar - at the foot of the Skypoint building in downtown Tampa, this new and eclectic gastro-pub offers plethora of hand-made cocktails for folks who enjoy a "Mad Men" inspired lunch.  Make sure to see our guy, Onix, as he'll be sure to make you a mean drink or three.  If you like gin inspired beverages, then ask for the "Basil Smash."  Make sure to get a bite to eat before imbibing a few adult beverages.  

Columbia Restaurant - one of Tampa's oldest running restaurants, the Columbia in Ybor City is fantastic place to take in some Spanish cuisine and neat spot to hang out for lunch.  If you can't make it to Ybor City, they have a neat little spot (Columbia Cafe) near the Tampa Bay Times Forum and inside the Tampa History Museum near the hustle and bustle of downtown Tampa.  The Columbia boasts the best Cuban sandwich in town amongst a variety of Latin-inspired dishes.    

Oxford Exchange - located near the University of Tampa, this neat little place opens bright and early at 7:30 a.m. on most weekdays.  Their simple, modern approach to fresh, organic fare is great for when you don't want to overdo it.  Plus, it's neat place to stop by for some afternoon tea.  You know, like the British.  It's a great place to have a business meeting as well.  One of the best ways to reserve a table at Oxford Exchange is through the OpenTable App for your iPhone or Android device.  

Hattricks Tavern - one of our favorite places to hang out not only after hours but also for lunch. Hattricks Tavern is right in the middle of downtown and gets busy pretty quickly, so make sure to get there early to snag a table or belly up to the bar.  Their friendly staff and generous portions of food will help relax any weary out-of-town business associates in no time.  Plus, it's great place to catch an afternoon baseball game.  

Make it a Limo Lunch

When you are taking time from your hectic workday to go out for a nice meal, you want to maximize your precious time off.  Plus, you don't want to make the boss mad because you've taken too much time and neglected to add a cover sheet to your TPS reports.  Umm, yeaaaah.

Office Space (1999)

If you have a large group that you need to transport in a cost effective and timely manner, a beautiful limousine from Bayshore Limo can help cutting down on the time and hassle of having to meet up at a rendezvous point.

With chauffeured transportation from Bayshore Limo, let us do the driving while you provide your business associates or co-workers value to their meal.  Using a professional driving service also cuts out the hassle of finding a parking space in the city.  Not worrying about parking can shave precious minutes off of your lunchtime.  Watch out for the "Lumberghs" of the world when you get back to the office!

Nearing the Mid-Season Point for Rays Baseball

At the time of writing this blog post, the Tampa Bay Rays are in the midst of a 10 game losing streak.  This has dropped them in the standings considerably and we find our beloved Rays in last place in all of the Majors.  Sigh.  After another disappointing Tampa Bay Buccaneers season and a shocking end to the Tampa Bay Lightning's promising season, we hoped the Rays would be able to bring us some good times this summer.  Alas, Major League Baseball is a long season and anything can happen, especially after the All-Star break, so we're not losing hope nor should you.  The team will need our support more than ever in the next couple of weeks and there is no reason the Rays can't get on a winning streak to make things interesting in August and September.    

Go to a Rays Game

Going to a Rays game at Tropicana Field is a lot fun for the whole family.  Further, playing baseball indoors is great for fans to avoid the beating sun and regular summer rain showers.  Planning a trip to a baseball game is easy, thanks in great part to the reasonable accommodations at the "Trop."  Finding tickets that will not break your bank is pretty simple too, especially considering the Rays don't exactly sellout every home game (the stadium debate is another blog posting altogether).  By shelling out some extra cash, you can be in for a fantastic all-inclusive experience. 

Pre- and Post-Game Hangouts

When you do go to spend a day or night at the Trop, there’s no reason why your night needs to end once the game is over.  If you’re lucky enough to see the Rays win one in person, you'll probably want to go out and celebrate.  One fantastic thing about the Trop is its location near Central Avenue in St. Petersburg.  There tons of wonderful bars and restaurants within walking distance of the stadium.  Further, there are three fantastic, local microbreweries in the area too.  Green Bench Brewing, St. Pete Brewing Company, and Cycle Brewing are near Central Avenue.  (Sorry, shameless plug for Tampa Brew Tours).  When you and your party is in a celebratory mood, you can take a hike down the street to keep the night alive.  Ferg's is also a great place to start or finish a Rays game.

If you are planning on going out for drinks or dinner after the game, remember to stay safe. The last thing that you need to be doing is getting in the driver’s seat after having a little too much fun.  Instead, you should have a friend be the designated driver or one of our GreenLabel personal chauhire a professional driver so that everyone in your group can enjoy a good time. 

Summer Fun in Tampa Bay

If you haven't already noticed, summer is pretty mud already here in the Tampa Bay area.  As the temperatures rise so do the hottest concerts and shows headed into the bay area.  Local venues like the Tampa Bay Times Forum, Mid-Florida Credit Union Amphitheater, and Ruth Eckerd Hall are set to host some truly exiting concert events for music fans of all kinds.  Keep your eyes and ears open to see who will be coming to town this summer. No matter what your musical tastes are, there is bound to be a show that you or someone you know will not want to miss.

Katy Perry, Lil Boosie, One Republic, The Goo Goo Dolls & More!

The Tampa Bay Times Forum is set for Rapper Lil Boosie's "Touch Down 2 Cause Hell" tour on Friday June 20, 2014.  Meanwhile fans of Katy Perry will delighted to see the pop start in concert at the Forum on Monday June 30, 2014.  If you want fun for the whole family, then Marvel Universe Live! is set to invade the Forum for shows beginning on July 10, 2014 through July 13, 2014 (not going to lie, but we're hoping the Black Widow makes an appearance!).  The Forum wraps up the busy summer with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers on September 21, 2014.        

The Forum isn't the only venue in bay area that has fantastic concerts and shows heading its way.  Some of the biggest names in the world of music will be here during our sweltering summers.  Bands like the Goo Goo Dolls with Daughtry are slated to appear on June 20, 2014 while college student favorite Dave Matthews Band is headed to the Amphitheater on July 16, 2014.  Country, Rock, and Alternative music fans aren't left out with Tim McGraw on July 12, 2014, Brad Paisley on August 15, 2014, One Republic on August 16, 2014, Nine Inch Nails & Soundgarden on August 11, 2014, and Motley Crue on August 17, 2014.  Phew, that's a lot of music!

There’s a new show every weekend at the Amphitheater and it might make it tough for you to choose which one to attend.

Make Your Concert More Exciting

There is something about going to a concert that makes it a memorable event, especially when a band comes into your home city.  Concert or show tickets make a great birthday gift or for any other special occasion.    

If you are thinking about taking in a concert for a celebration, you should also consider some extra touches that will make the night even more special.  For instance, when you’re going out for a big concert, you might also want to start the party early in your own Bayshore Limo.  We know that parking and traffic is a pain.  You can solve this problem by hiring us to drive you in one of our beautiful limousines.  A professional chauffeur will assure that you get to your concert or show without a hitch.  If you don't want to take a limousine, but want to enjoy your time at a concert without worrying about driving, then take a look at our GreenLabel service.  A limousine or a professional chauffeur is a great way to make that concert night a special one.  

Draft Day (for Cars)

All of this talk on the radio, TV, and internet concerning the NFL Draft is insane.  Johnny Manziel this, Sammy Watkins that, Jadeveon Clowney, blah, blah, blah.  Enough!  As long as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers can get themselves a great player, that's all we care about.  That being said, we'd like to conduct our own draft, albeit, for automobiles.  Here are our top 10 cars that we think would be great for not only being chauffeured around in but probably swanky and with enough "street cred" for these soon to be NFLers to be buying with their signing bonuses.  Drum roll please...(Yes, we're doing it David Letterman top 10 style and not NFL Draft style)...

10.  Mercedes-Benz G Class

Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz USA

Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz USA

A great choice for a linebacker or safety, plenty room, fast (see AMG version), and can probably run through a brick wall.  But, we're partial towards this version of the famed German G-Wagen:

Courtesy of Top Gear UK

Courtesy of Top Gear UK

Courtesy of Bentley Motors

Courtesy of Bentley Motors

Just look at it!  It evokes and oozes awesomeness and the fact that "I am owned by an NFL 1st Round Draft Pick."  Plus, you can customize your own, kind of like a house, and just as pricey.  Probably suited best for quarterbacks and wide receivers.  

8.  Cadillac Escalade

Courtesy of Cadillac Motors

Courtesy of Cadillac Motors

Your standard fare Escalade is the choice for NFL offensive and defensive linemen, probably because they are giant human beings who need all the room they can get.  

7.  Maserati Quattroporte

Courtesy of Maserati

Courtesy of Maserati

With a sonorous Ferrari-spec engine, this vehicle is probably a good choice for wide receivers and cornerbacks.  Plus, if it's half as good as their advertisement for the Ghibli, then it would be the steal of the draft.  

Courtesy of Bentley Motors

Courtesy of Bentley Motors

Gotta get it with the W12 engine because more is always better.  Great for all types of NFL players, too.  Plus, if they hire a chauffeur, he or she will be thrilled to drive it too.  

5.  Rolls-Royce Phantom

Courtesy of Rolls-Royce Motors

Courtesy of Rolls-Royce Motors

Pairs well with private jets.  The extended wheelbase edition is our choice for the top draft picks.  A great head turner too.  

4.  Audi A8

Courtesy of Audi USA

Courtesy of Audi USA

The same W12 as found in the Bentley, but without the custom-home price tag.  The economic choice for "smart" NFL draft pick.  Just look at that grille!

3.  BMW 7 Series

Courtesy of BMW North America

Courtesy of BMW North America

Due for a makeover pretty soon, but a great car for players big and small.  A lot of different engine choices too.  A sensible choice, like punting from your own 20 yard line on 4th and 5.  

2.  Mercedes-Benz S Class

Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz USA

Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz USA

With all the bells and whistles including a perpetual "new car smell" and private jet-inspired rear seats, this beast from Germany will surely be one of the top choices for linemen, receivers, quarterbacks, and more.  

1.  Our Flagship Chrysler 300 Stretch Limousine - Ok, just kidding, but it's pretty darn nice and comes with a chauffeur.  

The Real #1:  Tesla Model S

Courtesy of Tesla Motors

Courtesy of Tesla Motors

This car is smart, like a punter or a kicker...why is a punter or kicker smart?  They don't get hit as much as the rest of the players out there and make a great living.  This car is fast and doesn't run on gas.  Smart.  

So there you have it, our top 10 draft day cars for all those NFL players out there looking to cash in tonight.  Let's hope they don't spend all of their signing bonus money on something too crazy.  

Say "I Love You, Mom," with a Limo

Mother's day is coming up, as in, 9 days from today.  We know what's up because you're thinking, "what do I get my mom for mother's day?"  Relax, we did the "thinking" for you and came up with a great way for her to enjoy mother's day.  Just give her the gift of a beautiful, luxurious Bayshore Limo.  In fact, you can get your friends' mothers involved and send all of them a limousine to whisk them around town to their favorite places like a spa, restaurant, or anywhere else she would like to go.  It will be an unforgettable time for her and a great way to say "I love you, Mom."  Or, you could be annoying like this guy:

So let's recap.  Don't be annoying and give mom the gift of a Bayshore Limo.  

We're Growing Beards for Beard-a-thon!

Now that the NHL playoffs are under way, our Tampa Bay Lightning have begun their journey for a chance to lift Lord Stanley's Cup.  So, in support of our hometown hockey team, we decided to help raise money for the Tampa Bay Lightning Foundation and Moffitt Cancer Research Center by growing our playoff beards.  To help donate or check out our beard growing prowess, please click here and while you're at it, grow one for the team!  (Unless you're a child or a lady, then just get these blue ones)  Let's Go Bolts!

Grow a beard for the Tampa Bay Lightning

Grow a beard for the Tampa Bay Lightning

Welcome to Bayshore Limo's Blog!

Welcome to our blog!  Our goal with this blog is to provide our audience, which includes our loyal clients, prospective clients, and limousine companies in the Tampa Bay area with a fun, hip, and easy way to stay up to date with local events, transportation news, deals from our partners, or just about anything that we think you might like.  In the end, our goal is to educate and enlighten the consumer in a light-hearted way regarding our business.  We want to give you a unique perspective of our company and allow you an opportunity to provide feedback regarding our limousine service.  In the end, we want to you to be more informed when thinking about booking a limousine for a night out, a wedding, a Tampa Brew Tour, a concert, or any other event for that matter.  We think this will allow you to make the best decision when booking your next limousine with Tampa Bay's Coolest Limousine Service.  That's us by the way.  So sit back and enjoy!