Best Way to Get to the Airport - A Bayshore Limo Case Study

As you may have already learned, we at Bayshore Limo recently launched our brand spanking new GreenLabel personal chauffeur service.  Thus far, it has been a fantastic option for busy professionals, families, or anyone who doesn't want to deal with the hassle of driving.  

Our GreenLabel is service is also a great alternative for getting to and from Tampa International or any of our local airports.  Think about the costs associated a four day trip in and out of TIA.  Let's do a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada as an example:

A Non-GreenLabel Experience

Friday:  Fly out TIA at 9:00 a.m..  You have to not only fight traffic in the morning, but find yourself a spot in the parking lot.  Now you're wondering if you gave yourself enough time to get to the gate.  Just remember, the average cost of parking your car is anywhere from $10-15 per 24 hours.  Let's say you parked in the long-term parking lot:  $16.00 for parking per day.  You still have to hustle to the gate to catch your flight to Las Vegas.  You don't want to miss this trip.

Saturday:  Your car sits in the lot, vulnerable, lonely, maybe even scared...okay, probably not, but you can never be too sure.  But you are paying for it stay there.  $16.00 for parking.  Hopefully you're having a blast gambling most of your money at a table at Caesar's Palace or the Bellagio in Vegas.  

Sunday:  Your car is still lonely...meanwhile you're still losing money, but that's okay, because it's Vegas, baby!

Monday:  Your flight is delayed and you don't get in until late Monday evening.  Plus, you are seriously jet lagged and looking forward to some semblance of sleep, after all, you were in Las Vegas.  Now you have figure out where you parked, lug yourself and your bags to a dark, sometimes poorly lit, parking lot and drive home.  $16.00 for parking.  $5.00 for a coffee or Red Bull to wake yourself up.

At the end of your awesome trip to Las Vegas, you've spent at least $64.00 in keeping your car in a concrete cave, not to mention all of your 401K given to the casinos.  Next time, take a GreenLabel chauffeur and your experience will go something like this:

A GreenLabel Experience

Friday:  GreenLabel chauffeur shows up on time at your doorstep.  You give him the keys to your car and he drives you to the airport and drops you off at the departures terminal.  No fighting for a spot in the parking lot or road-raging through Tampa Bay traffic.  The GreenLabel chauffeur then takes your car back to your house and places it in a safe environment, namely your garage.  Cost: $30.00.

Saturday:  You are making a killing on the blackjack table, like Rain Man (or Alan from the Hangover pretending to be Rain Man) killing it.  Meanwhile, your car is happy in its cozy home.  Cost:  $0.00.

Sunday:  Because you made a bunch of money at blackjack, you've decided to rent the entire pool at the Palms.  Your car is sound asleep in your garage.  Cost:  $0.00. 

Monday:  Your winnings have catapulted you to "baller" status and you've upgraded your seat to first-class.  As you arrive at TIA, your GreenLabel chauffeur carefully monitored your flight status and picks you up in your own car in a timely manner.  Heck, you even take a nap on the way home.  Cost:  $30.00.

So, you tell us, what sounds better?  Obviously can't guarantee that you'll win in Vegas, but a sure bet for a hassle free way to get to the airport is with Bayshore Limo's GreenLabel chauffeur service.  Call or email us to book your next adventure.