Dear Lincoln Motor Company: Please. Make. This. Car.

We will be honest.  Lincoln Motor Company makes some ugly cars right now and seriously needs to up their game when it comes to design.  Have you seen the MKT?  It looks like a hearse.  And that's before you make it into a stretch limousine.  

So when we caught a glimpse of the Lincoln Continental Concept a few month ago, we were floored!  Just look at how beautiful it is.  

Yes, it is only a concept and it may not even make it to production.  But, judging from the response it got on the internet and in automobile magazines, there is no question whether Lincoln should produce this car.  

Sure, it has some similarities to the Bentley Continental, but who cares (well, Bentley apparently does). Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Bottom line, Lincoln Motor Company needs to build this car.  Especially if it doesn't want to fall behind the Germans and Koreans when it comes to large car market.  We just hope they decide to slap on some suicide doors and pay homage to the original Lincoln Continental.  Yea, you know which one we're talking about.  

So, come on Lincoln, do America a favor and build this damn car.